Sunday, February 12, 2017

When a Friend Ask You for a Tshirt....

 My friend MK was at Walmart and she found a stack of Hanes Long Sleeve Tshirts that she loved. She brought them to me and said - will you please decorate these for me? 
These are a few, she brought me 13!

The white Heart Love shirt pictured above is a design from the Silhouete Design store. 
Red Glitter HTV is from Silhouette
This shirt was made on a heat press from Stahls.

 The grey Hanes tshirt was made using a design from the Silhouette Design Store. 
The Monogram font is also from the Silhouette Design store. 
I used Pink Flock HTV from Silhouette. 
The design was set with a Stahls heat Press.
 This pink Hanes Tshirt is decorated with Silver Glitter HTV from Silhouette. 
The music design is from the Silhouette Design store.
The design was flipped, cut twice and set with the Stahls heat press.
 I decorated a burlap bag from Cracker Barrell to place her shirts in for delivery. 
The monogram is from the Silhouette Design store and the Black Flock Vinyl is also from Silhouette. The design was set with the Stahls heat press. 
With the burlap I found that it needed to be pressed twice. After the first press I removed the carrier sheet and repressed with a teflon sheet over the design. 
The flock vinyl set perfectly into the bumps and grooves of the burlap and looks great.

I hope this inspires you to create and have fun.

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